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Century Wood

This was a natural
follow up for us, being
in the antique business
we found people asking
for pieces of historic
Canadiana which had
become almost extinct. 


A few people had asked if we could
make a dry sink to look old out of
wood with a similar patina to the
originals we used to sell. We also had
a request for a century wood kitchen
for someone’s log cabin. Once other
people saw the product, they liked it
& 30 years later were still creating
heirloom pieces which are keepsakes
for the next generation who are interested in recycling of materials
and re-generating a part of their past.


We design and build custom kitchen cabinets to your specifications.

Harvest tables, coffee tables, beds, fireplace mantels, etc.

We can repair your antique wood furniture.

We work with new wood as well as reclaimed wood, including old doors and barn board.

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